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Force Protection - Survive to Operate

Aprox 500 defence personnel lose their lives due to insurgency, terrorism and cross-border firing every decade. Protecting a deployed force has become a top priority of every armed force worldwide. Today's threat environment has placed increasing demands on military forces stretching resources to the limit. Protection tools that act as a force multipliers, increase security coverage, favorably resolve uncertain situations and save lives alleviate these challenges.


In the conventional battlefield and in counter-terrorism operations there should be no need to suffer casualties when such sophisticated and proven technologies are available off-the- shelf. At least the casualties can be minimised.


Preventive measures and means to minimize the vulnerability of personnel, facilities, material, operations and activities from threats to preserve freedom of action and operational effectiveness contribute to mission success.


New detection sensors and early warning systems can detect threats well before they come dangerously close; they can protect and mitigate the effects if they come in contact or are activated helping forces to accomplish their mission safely and efficiently.


Solutions are available to track threats, distribute information, and dispatch resources to manage security incidents to resolution. By integrating third-party intrusion detection systems such as radar, sensors, alarms, access systems, and video with geospatial intelligence products and commercial-off-the shelf command and control software, situational awareness can be improved. A common operating picture can help detect and assess threats and give the power to respond.


Prevention of infiltrators across fenced land borders and across open seas implies the implementation of thorough and comprehensive surveillance and control systems. Effective monitoring can improve reaction time from detection to interception and match the diversity of threats.


Rapid and effective protection of areas (depots, bases, logistic areas etc.), neutralising a wide range of land-based threats, with fewer personnel engaged in surveillance can be done through a network of sensors (optronic, radar, acoustic, etc.) and effectors (lethal, non-lethal), with command and control management.?


Huge Potential


There is huge potential in equipping the Indian armed forces and paramilitary with personnel protection equipment like ballistic helmets, improved and light weight bullet proof jackets, etc. Ongoing soldier modernization programmes, emerging threats from potential chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, and the need for versatile combat clothing adaptable to different weather conditions are expected to drive the market for the clothing segment over the next few years. Indian F-INSAS Phase-1 also involves acquisition of new uniform for soldiers.


The largest share in the personal ballistic protection market in India has been captured by bullet proof vests due to rise in the demand for bullet proof vests by the military personnel and security agents. Ballistic boots has contributed the second largest share of market revenues. These boots are largely used by the military forces. Ballistic helmets have contributed next to the overall market consumption value. These helmets are used in with bullet proof vests.


Objectives of the Seminar


Force Protection India 2017 will bring together industry to discuss what is being done and what more can be done, to enhance the survival rates of soldiers and policemen further. Expert from the industry, armed froces and paramilitary will get to know who needs what, who has what and the best mix required to get optimum solutions. The event provides the delegates with the unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities.


This is the only event in India to focus on this crucially important subject and gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and understating on the key issues as well as future requirements, operations and business opportunities.




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