Acknowledging their expertise in the aeronautical ¬ field, their high level of quality and innovation using the latest technologies, the French company ALKAN, calls itself the “genuine partner” of all project leaders as well as aircraft manufacturers, such as Dassault Aviation, Thales, MBDA, BAE Systems, Embraer, Bell, Sikorsky, Eurocopter, Raytheon, SAAB, etc… ALKAN have the “mastery of weapon carriage and ejection equipment” for military aircraft, and specialise in store management systems as also ground servicing and support activity.
ALKAN equipment is in operation in more than 80 countries and are qualified on more than 70 different aircraft like the Mirage 2000, Rafale, Gripen, Black Hawk, Tiger and so on.
The company has delivered to India carriage equipment for the Mirage 2000 operated by the IAF. Such equipment includes all centerline, inboard and outboard pylons for Mirage 2000 with their inbuilt equipment and the engine removal trolley for M53 Mirage 2000 engines.
ALKAN release unit has been selected by HAL for the ALH-WSI and all future armed helicopters being manufactured and designed by HAL. A Transfer of Technology agreement has been signed to enable HAL to locally manufacture and overhaul the Release Unit.
ALKAN and HAL partnership is still running on and looking forward to extend their cooperation in order to develop and transfer new competencies and capabilities for coming needs on LCA and MMRCA aircraft

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