Bangalore-based Hind High Vacuum Company Limited (HHV), with its facilities based in the Peenya Industrial area, is Hind High Vacuumforging ahead as a leader in vacuum science in India with exports covering a number of countries around the world.
The advanced research and manufacturing programs of the company in the areas of thin film technology, materials science, metallurgy and special purpose machinery serves a wide range sectors including aeronautics, space, defence and atomic energy. The special purpose machine building capabilities of HHV include products like hypersonic wind tunnels extensively used in aeronautical and space sectors. The vacuum induction melting and casting furnaces offered by HHV have applications in aero engine turbine blades and turbo chargers.
The company also specialises in welding aircraft engine casings. Similarly, the large, complex rotary vacuum brazing furnace for vacuum brazing of diverging and converging exhaust nozzles that company offers is used in the first and second-stage engines of the launch vehicles. In the strategic area of optics and thin film coatings, the company focusses on gold coating for sensors, anti-reflection and DLC coatings for infrared optics and coatings for shielding of EMI (electromagnetic interference).
Radhakrishna Rao

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