Still_3Joe Parker, Director Export, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH, told IMR today that opportunities to reengage with India on the multi role combat aircraft deal may still be possible. He affirmed that Eurofighter is in India for the long haul and sees immense potential in the emerging aerospace industry.
Paul Smith, Manager Capability Promotion and Typhoon Pilot, in an exclusive interview to IMR said, “The Typhoon has unmatched performance and kinematic capability. It can out climb and outperform all other fighter aircraft. It has great weapons capability, carrying the Meteor long range missile and the IRIS-T short range missile with increased lethality and versatility. It features the largest and most powerful radar which helps the pilot track low observable aircraft that may be possible future adversaries and a great range of surface to air and air to surface weapons, apart from anti-tank missiles and top-of-class range of precision guided bombs. It’s reliable engines offer great thrust to weight ratio, making the aircraft really available. This top end high, performance aircraft is not cheap. However, because of its reliability there is a reduced maintenance burden. Eurofighter has extended periodic maintenance from 400 to 500 hours and this will get further pushed to 600 hours, resulting in a 50% reduction in the maintenance of the jet. This will drive down the through life cost of the jet.”_DSC7849
He further explained that the key difference is the Typhoon’s on-board systems, featuring a great sensor suite with improved radar, Infra-red search and track, further helped by the helmet which enables data display on the pilot’s visor. This helps the pilot to take in the information not only for weapon aiming but also for targeting marked ground targets, while increasing his situational awareness. He stressed that the immense survivability and capacity to match any threat from the air or from the ground, makes the Typhoon the ideal aircraft for the IAF’s missions.

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