Still_4Maureen Stevens of Rockwell Collins, told IMR on February 20, that the company is bullish about it’s prospects, going forward in India. Citing the example of the Proline Fusion integrated flight deck, she said that Rockwell Collins is very excited about the new developments that it is bringing to the Indian market. The Proline Fusion is a technology adapted for the defense space from the company’s civil aviation portfolio. By leveraging existing knowledge bases to other areas, Rockwell Collins has been able to offer cutting edge technologies for rotary and fixed wing aircraft, at considerably lower price points.
Showcasing Rockwell Collins’ strategic partnership with Zen Technologies, Ms. Stevens said that within a short span of four months they had successfully unveiled a jointly developed helicopter simulator at Aero India 2015. Stressing that the new environment, fuelled by the Make in India mantra, is very conducive to fostering such partnerships while throwing up a plethora of new opportunities, she said that Rockwell Collins would continue to invest in and grow it’s design center in Hyderabad.
She signed off by saying that the Indian PM’s presence at the inauguration of Aero India 2015 had created a lot of excitement and augured well for the fledgling Indian Aerospace industry.

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