640px-Sikorsky_S-92Sikorsky, a global leader in helicopter design, manufacture and service, is keen not only to expand its presence in India but also make use of the potential offered by India as a low cost production hub. Addressing the media conference, Arvind Jeet Singh Walia, Regional Executive, Sikorsky-India and South Asia, Sikorsky is ready to cooperate with India in all possible manner in addressing the issues involved in “Make in India” initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Giving details about the engagement of Sikorsky with India, Samir Mehta, President Defense Systems and Services of the company, pointed out that the success of Sikorksy’s joint venture (JV) with Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) is reflected in the fact that about 100 cabins of S-92 chopper produced at the Hyderabad-based facility of the JV have been exported to around a dozen countries around the world. ”We look at India as a strategic partner for aerospace export,” said Mehta.
Bob Kokorda, Vice President of International Business, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Defense Systems and Services, Sikrosky is keen to participate in the tender for the supply of Multi Role Helicopters (MRH) to the Indian Navy. He said the company was willing to produce this helicopter locally to support the “Make in India” Initiative. He also said that Sikorsky is willing to offer its S-92 to India as a helicopter for VVIP transportation if there is a retendering for the helicopter in this category. He said that S-92, which is also a preferred VVIP helicopter for the US President has an excellent track record in terms of safety and reliability. Kokorda was quick to point out that “Sikorksy is bringing technical knowledge, experience and dedication to advancing Indian industry”.
Radhakrishna Rao

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