“There is no strategic relationship in 2015 that is more important than that between India and the United States of America, US India Strategicand our dedication to that relationship was evident, which we saw, when President Obama was invited as an honoured guest at the Republic Day, and several strategic and defence agreements coming out as a result of that visit,” said Richard Verma, US Ambassador to India.
Speaking after inaugurating the US pavilion at the Aero India at Bengaluru on Wednesday, Ambassador Verma said the presence of a large defence and business delegation at the Aero India 2015 clearly reflected the United States’ commitment to the strategic partnership between the two countries. He said President Obama’s visit was important in drafting strategic frameworks and policies in Asia for the next 10 years.
The US Ambassador also visited several US stalls, and inspected the impressive array of defence and civilian related equipment on display.
To a question by Indian Military Review whether US companies would benefit from Obama’s visit on the finalisation of the MMRCs by India, the US Ambassador politely declined to offer any comment.

(Copy filed for IMR by S.Nanda Kumar – IMR edit Team

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