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National Maritime Foundation was launched on February 15, 2005 by the defence minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee. The genesis of the National Maritime Foundation lies in a long-felt need to redress India's historic neglect of its maritime security domain, and to fill an acute intellectual void by providing a common platform for discourse between maritime related institutions, organizations and disciplines, country-wide.


The National Maritime Foundation strives to:

* Accord priority, as an autonomous institution, to free dialogue and discussion on all issues with a bearing on maritime security, and on the formulation of independent policy advice, to decision makers, in the GoI and the Navy.

* Endeavour to mould public opinion and influence the national security elite on issues where India's vital maritime security interests are at stake.

* Nurture and facilitate study, scholarship and discourse in respect of a broad spectrum of maritime issues, including marine resources, maritime law, maritime history, preservation of the maritime environment and disaster relief.

* Strives to engage foreign institutions, having common interests and commitments, in our immediate neighbourhood as well as further afield, and undertake an exchange of ideas with a view to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation in the maritime field.



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