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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

1. Subscriptions. All subscription orders for Indian Military Review and DQ Defence Quarterly magazines are executed from the next issue and the months are mentioned in the invoice.

2. Postage and Packing. Subscriptions to magazines include postage and packing. For other items, postage and packing will be charged only as mentioned against each item.

3. Estimated Delivery Time. Subscription copies of magazines sent by ordinary post take 4-10 days to be delivered by the post office. Courier deliveries take up to 6 days depending upon the region. Orders will normally be executed within 48 hours or 2 working days.

4. Hidden Charges (Sales Tax, Service Tax etc). As of date no tax is levied on magazines and books. Service Tax @12.36% is levied on delegate fee and exhibition charges. The taxes will be reflected in the invoice.

5. Worldwide Locations. We should to all countries, but subject to their Import Rules and regulations.

6. Shipping Charges. In case or supplies made overseas, shipping charges for books differ from country to country by weight. In case of magazines no extra shipping charges apply.

7. Export Sales. Any Return, Refund Or Exchange policy will not be applicable in case of Export sales.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

IMR Media Pvt Ltd and IDYB Publications Pvt Ltd believe in helping their customers as far as possible, and have, therefore, a liberal cancellation and refunds policy.

Cancellation of Subscription

Subscribers may cancel their subscriptions at anytime and obtain a refund of the residual value of unfulfilled subscription cost paid.

The residual value will be calculated after taking the full cover price of all issues supplied. This subscription availed cost will be deducted from the subscription amount paid. If there is any balance due then same will be refunded.

For example, if a subscriber has paid Rs 900 for a full years subscription and cancels after 6 months, the cost of six issues supplied at the cover price comes to Rs 600 @ Rs 100 per issue being the cover price of one issue. Hence Rs 300 will be refunded. 

Non-Receipt of Magazines

Indian Military Review magazine and DQ Defence Quarterly magazines are mailed through the New Delhi GPO on fixed days under the personal supervision of the Subscriptions Manager. The magazines are sent by ordinary post and not registered mail. Losses in transit cannot be ruled out, although the percentage is miniscule.

IMR Media Pvt Ltd will provide pdf copy by email or will provide the link information for downloading the issue which has not been received.

Return of Magazines

IMR Media has no control over care of magazines in transit by postal department or courier companies. IMR Media's responsibility ceases when the magazine is handed over to postal department or courier company. Hence, IMR Media will not accept return or replacement of magazines damaged in transit.

In case of manufacturing defect, the magazine will be replaced free of cost. In such cases, please contact the Subscriptions Manager by email at

Return of Books

Books once sold will not be returned or refunded. Damaged books will be replaced if IMR Media Pvt Ltd or IDYB Publications Pvt Ltd is informed within 7 days at

Return of CDs

Defective CDs will be replaced if IMR Media Pvt Ltd or IDYB Publications Pvt Ltd is informed within 7 days of receipt of the CDs. In case replacement CDs are not available, the files will be provided in soft copy form by electronic transfer or by providing download link.

In case of receipt of damaged or defective CD, please report the same within 5 days to our Subscriptions Manager by email ( The request will, however, be entertained once we have checked and determined the same at our end.

Please ensure that while returning, the items should be packed properly so that the product is not damaged in transit.

Cancellation of Advertisement Insertion Orders

In case of advertisements, we will not be bound by notice of stop orders, cancellations, or change in special or specified positions after the last date of acceptance of entries and bookings of advertisements. Refunds will be made against cancellations received only before the publication of the entries/advts. after deducting 15% of the full rate as administrative charges.

There is no cancellation of orders placed under special offers or special arrangements.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made by cheque or demand draft. Cheques will be sent only to the billing address of the purchaser. A return fee of 7% of purchase value will be deducted from the refund if the purchase was made by credit card.



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