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IMR Media Products

IMR offers the following products:

  • Indian Military Review monthly magazine in English.
  • Indian Military Review monthly magazine in Hindi.
  • Military Books publishing.
  • IMR website portal
  • IMR-Defense News print Show Dailies for Defexpo and Aero India Shows.
  • IMR- Defense News Digital Show Dailies for Defexpo and Aero India Shows.
  • IMR Defence Seminars & Exhibitions.
  • Perception management and bespoke events.
  • Business Intelligence Products.
  • Consultancy and advisory services.
  • Defence webinars.
  • E-Book

Indian Military Review (IMR) is intellectually stimulating for top executives and professionals. It has hard-to-find and non-partisan analyses for middle level officers and is a source of rich knowledge for young officers.

IMR covers national defence, homeland security, neighbourhood, modernisation, defence research, military technology, paramilitary forces and military history. IMR is recommended reading for service officers preparing for Staff College entrance and promotion exams.


Defense News, USA, the world\'s leading defence news weekly and IMR have joined forces from January 2011. Every issue of IMR carries at least eight pages of exclusive news and reports from Defense News\' global correspondent network. Together, Defense News and IMR offer a unique combination of premium content, drawing on Defense News\' global reach and IMR\'s local expertise and reach into India\'s military and defence establishment.

Military Books

IMR Media has a reputation for bringing out high quality military books by the best authors.

Contact IMR Media for publishing your manuscripts and purchasing military books.




Digital Show Dailies





  • IMR-Defense News ’ Digital Show Dailies (DSD) for DEFEXPO India and AERO INDIA Shows every year reach thousands onsite and millions unable to attend around the world.
  • The DSD includes videos straight from the Show, Show reports and news as it happens with Daily News Wrap by email.
  • The DSD offers numerous opportunities for advertisers - videos, banners, news posts, tweets, interviews and so on.

Print Show Dailies

  • IMR Media produces print Show Dailies for DEFEXPO India and Aero India shows.
  • IMR Show Dailies are supported by Defense News’ huge network of defence correspondents and the biggest defence news room in the world.
  • IMR Show Dailies are patronised by domestic and foreign, govt and private companies.
  • Over 15,000 copies are distributed at the Shows every day.
  • The IMR-Defense News print Show Dailies offer numerous options - Front Page Ads, Inside Pages, Double Page Spreads, Company Profiles.
  • Advertisers get preference with their Press Releases and videos.

Defence Seminars and Exhibitions


IMR Media regularly organises seminars & exhibitions on the following topics:

  • Night Vision & Electro-optics.
  • CBRNe Protection.
  • Force Protection.
  • Air Defence.
  • Combat Vehicles.
  • Maritime & Coastal Security.
  • Military Training & Simulation.
  • Military Logistics Transportation
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Civil & Military.
  • Precision Attack & Targeting.
  • Battlefield Management System.
  • Strategic Infrastructure Protection.
  • Bespoke Seminars.
  • Bespoke Round Table Discussions.
  • Typically, each IMR event is attended by
  • Over 250 serving armed forces & paramilitary officers.
  • 25 DRDO scientists
  • 50 Industry delegates.
  • 15 MoD officials.

IMR Consultancy & Advisory Services